Friday, June 24, 2016

Journal Entry #1

Simple beginnings...
Write about something you love to do in the summer! Use lots of description. I love to read a good story!

Reading is one of MY favorite things to do in the summer. 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2016



We are all happy to have this break!  While we are on break, we can still be learning and earning chances to win some very cool prizes.  Here's how:


This is a great way to keep up practice on Math and Language Skills.  Each student has a unique username and password.  You don't even have to keep track of how long you are on, the computer will do that for you!  For every hour that you are logged in to IXL, you will earn one raffle ticket.


Read to yourself, read to someone else, have someone read to ALL counts!!  Veazie Community School has entered the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge for the first time, this year!  We will be competing against several schools within Maine as well as others from around the United States!   Just simply use the link on this page, put in your username and password and log those minutes! For every hour that you log reading (or being read to), a raffle ticket will go in to the drawing with YOUR name on it!


There are two ways to earn tickets here. New assignments will be put here as blog posts and on Google Classroom as assignments. You can either keep a writing journal in hard copy (paper) form or, you can log in to Google Classroom and work on your writing journal there.  To log in to Google Classroom, click the link to the right and look for the + sign in the upper right hand corner next to your email address.  Join the class by using the classroom code.  Our classroom code is i93co4.

You can do this anywhere.  You can do it while you are home, at camp, in the car, or anywhere else you might choose.  The choices are yours!

If you need more help, please email me at

Happy Summer!!