Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ready..... Set.... Grow!!!

June 2017

We are gearing up for the summer break!  You can feel it all around the school.  Smiling faces, outdoor projects, and we can finally see the sun!!

We have some exciting things happening here in Veazie this summer.

We are going to continue to work with IXL this summer.  We will also have Prodigy available to us.  Many of the students have already started working with Prodigy and have loved it.

We are MAKERS here in Veazie!  We are CREATIVE!  We are EXPLORERS!

To go with this, our theme this summer is "Ready, Set, Grow!!"

We are going to keep track of IXL and Prodigy minutes as well as Reading minutes.  We will have a journal project as well.

Along with these things, we are going to have time set aside every Wednesday to come in and be creative.  We will be tinkering with many different things during this time.  Some of the things we plan on doing include: robotics, 3D printing, computer coding, and gardening.

More news to come in the brochures that will be going home soon!

See you soon!
Mrs. Frazier