Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Back again!!

Hi everyone!

Many of the teachers have been at school working on and off this past week.
You can feel the excitement in the building as we all prepare for the upcoming school year.

This will be the last week of updating for this summer. This gives everyone two weeks to finish anything they haven't done yet. How has the time flown by so quickly?

Final summer writing prompt
"What goals do you have for this year?" This can be in relation to any area of your life, it's not limited only to school goals.

Our students continue to work hard on IXL every week. Students, please remember to fill in your IXL Bingo cards for tickets! Mrs Frazier will be collecting them the first week of school.

Have you done summer writing? Bring that in when you come as well!! More tickets to be earned there. As I have said to many teachers over the last few days, reading the writing pieces this summer was great fun for me!

Summer Reading Challenge ends September 9. Keep logging those minutes!!