Thursday, July 14, 2016

Oh my, it's hot!

Welcome to summer.  For me, this is my FAVORITE time of year!  I love the heat.  I love being able to swim, going to the beach, eating something off the grill or from the ocean, and listening to the outdoor concerts that happen in the town I live in all during the summer.

Writing Journals

I have enjoyed reading the Writing Journals this week.  Veazie Community School is full of talented writers!

The Writing Journal for this week is posted in Google Classroom.  The prompt is an author's choice based on the title I used for today's blog.  Somewhere in the written piece, the sentence "Oh my, it's hot!" needs to appear.  The style of writing is up to each individual.  I hope they have fun with it.

Summer Reading Challenge update

We are logging minutes like crazy!  The school is up above 24,000 minutes read this summer!  Great job everyone!  Please remember that this challenge goes all the way through September 9!

IXL update

We had students practicing EVERY day last week!  Including the weekend days!  That is impressive.

Have a super week everyone!