Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The greenhouse is up and running

Hello everyone!!

I am back from vacation and happy to be at a computer again so that I can be in touch with all of you!!


I hope you are all still doing your reading every day.  I love hearing from parents and students about the books you are all reading.


Journal entry #2 Exact Instructions Challenge
This week, Mrs. Frazier and the VSLE students are taking on the "Exact Instructions Challenge". Each student will write the instructions for building a banana split. Mrs. Frazier will then make a video using the EXACT INSTRUCTIONS given for making the banana split and share it here for everyone to see.

Mrs. Frazier will have access to the following supplies:

vanilla ice cream
chocolate ice cream
ice cream scoop
spray whipped cream
chopped walnuts
a jar of cherries
chocolate sauce

Journal #3
You have written instructions for the banana split challenges.....Videos are coming soon, I promise! :)

Now, let's try something new. Write a "day in the life of" story using personification. This is when you give the characteristics of a person to something/someone who is not a person. For example, when you say the trees waved hello to them as they entered the forest. The trees moved but, did they didn't actually wave. 

Your story should have a beginning-middle-end format. Length of the story depends upon you. No shorter than one paragraph, no longer than three pages.

Have fun with it!!

Greenhouse Wednesdays in July!!
Morning Time: 10:00-11:30
Afternoon Time: 12:30-2:00

We have begun our greenhouse adventure.  The first vegetables and fruits are coming off.  Thank you to everyone who helped our first week work out so well.

This week--July 12
We will be doing soil testing, building a worm habitat, and, if we have time, a small compost bin.

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  1. Our worms will be coming next week so, we had to postpone that part.

    What our morning group found out is that our soil Ph is averaging 6.5.

    Mr. Bemis (Cleveland) says that anywhere 6.0-8.0 is good for growing.